Scientific Individual Counseling

What Is Individual Counseling or Personal Counseling All About?

Individual counseling is consulting with a therapist, who is an objective, non-judgmental and professionally trained person.
Scientific Individual counseling involves working with the individual on a one-on-one basis in order to address his or her needs and difficulties. With the psychotherapist, individuals can share their innermost thoughts and feelings.

This sharing helps individuals to understand themselves better and helps them to address their emotional difficulties in a more adaptive fashion. These difficulties could be something they are facing in day to day life, a situation they are unable to deal with, a decision they find difficult to make, a relationship they find difficult to handle, a past they are unable to get over or emotions and feelings that they find difficult to accept and deal with.

Increasing Stress in Urban Life & The Role of Individual Counseling

Life in urban India gets increasingly stressful with every passing year. A decade ago, a psychologist’s practice saw clients only through referrals of other medical practitioners. Often the clients had diagnosable mental health issues. However, today, the profile of the typical client who visits a psychologist has drastically changed.

The typical client is now a person struggling to cope with life in general. The stress could be coming from many areas – marital, parenthood, work etc. Adults often struggle with sadness, sorrow, tension, anxiety and conflict. When the emotional struggles of such a person get overwhelming, he or she seeks help.

Family conflicts, difficulty coping with work pressure or getting along with colleagues, low self confidence, social anxiety, anger management issues, addiction, fears and phobias or any other problems involving thoughts, behavior and emotions can be the focus of therapy.

What Individual Counseling Involves: Our Approach

Although the initial difficulties that one has come with are an important area of therapeutic work, we believe in helping individuals to deal with their larger emotional issues. People do not exist in fragments and parts but as integrated wholes. Often, even though we see one problem area as triggered by a specific event and disconnected from the rest of us that is not the case.

For long-term beneficial results, therapy addresses the individuals, their behavior and thought patterns, their emotional reactions as a whole and therefore brings about holistic comfort and healing.

At times, emotional difficulties and stress are faced by more than one individual as a part of a larger set-up. At Inner Space, we provide marriage counseling, family counseling and pre-marital counseling helping couples and families understand each other and build healthier relationships.

Keeping this changing client profile in mind, at Inner Life Science, we have attempted to use a combination of both traditional and new age psychotherapies in order to assist people with these struggles and to overall help them create a happier space in life for themselves despite the stressors of their circumstances.

At Inner Life Science, we believe in dealing with perspectives and not just problems. People come to us with different needs and their own unique perceptions about life. Hence we use an eclectic range of therapies suited to the nature of the specific individual.